Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Let's cut down to the chase, shall we?"
“Let’s cut down to the chase, shall we?”
Get to level 70, of course.
Need I say more? All of those money-earning things-to-do (yes, in-game chores) can all be accessed when you reach the cap level, so make this your top priority. There are lots of options on how to reach cap level fast, but that also means that you’ll be rushing everything and drain all your real life time for the game, which is not good at all. The FTG consumption is very, very high at this point of the game, so grinding will be a pain. Some tips I could give you are:
  • Cherish your FTG while it’s there. Try to look for grinding parties in crowded channels and do grinding daily quests from Merlin with them. This way, you don’t empty it faster than a speeding truck and hit you while you sulk in the corner saying, “WHY AM I DOING THIS?!?!”
  • Make a schedule, especially if you are the Kirito-kun type. It’s not healthy to go zombie grindfest until you drop, so decide on how much EXP you’ll be going for today. Some would opt for one level per day, some 50% EXP, and some just enough until their DQs are done and their FTGs run dry.
  • Pick all the flawless jewels, be it diamond, alteum, (and seriously) agate. The last one is a gold mine, trust me.
  • Do not forget to get those alliance gifts. They’ll come in handy soon.
If you have an ungeared character that you want to level, you can go to the Rental Store from Dishonest Merchant Pero and rent +10 60A (epic) equipment using your goddess teardrops. You have to provide your jades, though, but 60B (rare) ones should be enough for faster dungeon clearing.
Level 70 Epic Rental Equipment, HURRAY!
As I was saying earlier, you can rent equipment from Merchant Pero with your teardrops for one whole week. They are all +8 70A equipment, and you’ll have to provide your jades, as well. If you don’t have anything to get a permanent set, this is your best option. 
Do your daily quests.
Congratulations on hitting level 70! Make sure you’re up for some more in-game chores because you’re gonna need them to get you some shinies. The grinding DQs you were taking from Merlin are now level 70 quests, which means that you’ll be needing to clear chaos or abyss mode dungeons in Anu Arendel (Golden Meadow, Valley of Eclipse, Bronze Crescent Forest, Sea of Sand Dust, and Disappearing Half Moon Slash Desert are in chaos mode, while the other three with GGWTFJUICE bosses are in abyss).
Anu Arendel
You get eight (5) Goddess Laments from completing your DQ. Do this in a week and you’ll be getting a total of 35, plus eight (8) from the daily stamp rewards, in the PvE side alone. Now, what can you do to your goddess laments? There are several options:
  • Get spring and autumn crystals to craft your 70A equipment. (Hell, no to this!)
  • Get Dragon Jade Heart (5) to craft high grade enhancement jades. (Can try your luck, hun.)
  • Do the second option and sell these jade hearts for gold, buy your spring and autumn crystals or anything else you need, and be happy. (I’m not forcing you, okay? This is just my personal preference).
Option B will net you the highest gold IF YOUR LUCK IS WITH YOU. If you are not one of those patient risk-takers, then option C will be your best friend. Jade hearts cost more than 400G (in my server, at least), and five of those is already 2000G, enough to get you started. Don’t do option A.
Limit your 70 nest runs for the week!
Now, this only applies if you don’t have friends or guildmates that would help you run around Guardian and Mist Nest. Please do not ask them to carry you, as well, unless they are proficient and geared enough because that’s not cool. If you are one of those lucky people to have good people around you, then you’re one happy guy, aren’t you?
Solo Modes for Guardian Nest (GN) and Mist Nest (MN) will give you one equipment material when you clear it. GN drops a spring crystal for sure, another type of crystal from the golden chest, and if you’re lucky, you get an autumn crystal from the end-nest chest. Mist Nest is the same, but drops low grade enhancement jades instead. Same thing, another one is in the golden chest, and an intermediate grade might just be waiting for you if you are lucky enough. Rental equipment is more than enough to clear these modes, so stop crying.
  • Please do not sell the crystals until you’ve completed your set. You’ll be running out of goddess teardrops for those rental equipment quickly if you keep doing this. Invest on your equipment. They will come a long way.
  • As for the jades, they are quite debatable. If MN drops intermediate jades that you don’t need, go ahead and sell them (just make sure they’re still worth the three seal stamps you’re using).
Get into the opening of chaos. Well, it’s Hero’s Battlefield now!
That is right. No more tedious limit runs on Chaos Opening dungeons. This is actually a way more fun (can get repetitive at some point, as usual) and challenging way of getting those ka-ching  fragments. You’ll get Fragment of Brilliant Skills in here, which is the unified version of the three skill fragments we’ve had before. It’s easier and more convenient too, plus the ranking board also gives extra rewards if you do extra well against the other people in your respective classes. These fragments can sell really well, still, and it is definitely going to carry over to the next level cap.
  • You can also get specialized skill jades here that you can equip to your helm. They are unique and no other skill jades outside of Hero’s Battlefield offers the same kind of effects.
  • There is a free Red Spirit if you get to face off against the three hidden bosses.
  • You can do it in normal mode if hard mode is too much for you. Some of the bosses inside are actually really overpowered because of the recent PvE changes, so just be careful around Comelina or Teramai or even Gosuk (he’s a bitch). It’ll give less fragments and you won’t be eligible for the ranking rewards, though.
Run after goddess laments in PvP!
Everyday, the mode changes, so you’ll have to check your achievement UI on which mode of endless rooms (yes, the first rooms in the lobby of the Colosseum). Do it until you get your lament. That is an additional of seven (7) more goddess laments you can buy some good stuff to sell from the store. You don’t have to be the best in the room, anyway, so just #YOLO everyone inside. Oh, and have fun!
Here is what I want you to avoid.
  • Freaking spend on not-so-important and RNG-based stuff until you’re settled.
  • Create a new character with your current one not even done yet. If you’re ultimately sick of it, though, then go ahead.
  • Main a discriminated class (there, I said it) if you are not willing to spend money and/or time in the game. I know this sounds harsh, but you’ll be inter-trading your time and money if you wanna get more gold, and discriminated classes aren’t helping.
  • Over-gearing and rushing your high grade jades. Intermediate jades, and heck, even low grade jades, are enough as long as you keep doing nests and master the mechanics.
  • Go afk near the trading house.
  • Enhance DDN L. For Pete’s sake, just stop if you’re not going to beat 70A weapons with your current DDN L enhancement.
  • Toxic parties.
What happens if your character is settled for level 70 cap?
  • You get to do GN and MN like a boss.
  • Anu Arendel Ordeal Nest will be as easy as pie.
  • Can get luxury items like costumes, spam gacha box, buy and sell stuff.
  • Can start a new character if you are dying to try it out.
Some other stuff you might want to do: 
  • Join a really good guild. Not a strong one, but a group of people who are willing to lend you a hand no matter what.
  • Be patient with your character. This is not a racing game.
  • Take advantage of Cherry Credits events and freebies if you got time.
  • Topup a bit if you are short of gold. Having a small amount of CC for some gold should help you start off a bit. Just don’t overdo it if you’re not going to be active.
  • Help other newbies. You will surely find new friends in them.
This is just a short guide on how to get around this level cap if you don’t have gold to begin with. Don’t be sad if you’re trailing behind. This level cap is the biggest leap we’ve had. Lots of new features and major changes were made, so it’s expected that things will get a little bit wobbly. Ask your friends and guildmates some questions in-game, and get used to the new Saint Haven ASAP (I know, it’s disorienting at first)!
I hope this helps.